34 Years of Cheers for Children

In 1980, Bull & Finch Pub bartender, Eddie Doyle, and manager, John Grasso, had both read a story in the Boston Globe about two brothers in their early teens trying to keep food on the table for their younger brothers and sisters.  The prospects of a dreary Christmas were suddenly brightened by a visit from the “Globe Santa”, with presents for all the kids.  After reading the story that morning, Doyle and Grasso decided to organize a fundraiser to help the efforts of this worthy charity.  With the help of their staff, friends, and “regulars”, an “Auction” was born.
“Gimmie ten bucks for the kids and I’ll give you a shot of Schnapps,” said Doyle, as he went from one patron to another.  Grasso got the crowd bidding feverishly on a handful of items.  Their first donation to the “Globe Santa” was $570.  Each year they became more organized, the crowds got bigger, and the totals increased by the thousands.  As a matter of fact, at the 25th Annual Auction in 2005, their hard work and passion for the event, shared by all the volunteers, paid off as they reached the “One Million Dollar Mark”. 

More About Cheers for Children

Cheers for Children has raised over one million dollars since 1980. From a simple fundraising effort in the bar to an amazing series of events throughout each year, the owner, management, staff and customers work continuously together to support the following children’s charities:

The Jimmy Fund

The official charity of the Boston Red Sox, their unique blend of care and clinical research helps to unravel the complexities of cancer and deliver new treatments. At Dana Farber, they are dedicated to discovery and committed to care.

Globe Santa

Globe Santa delivers holiday presents to underprivileged children in the Greater Boston area. 100% of a donation puts toys, games, books, and more in a needy family’s home.

Our Space Our Place

Our Space Our Place, Inc., prepares blind youth for their future as productive adults by fostering the development of skills which enhance their self confidence, independence, and self determination through activities which support social integration in their communities and exploration of college and career opportunities.

Game. Set. Life.

The vision of Tenacity is to enable urban youth to achieve excellence in the classroom while imparting life skills and promoting character development. Tennis is the magnet to attract and retain students who participate in a high quality academic support and physical fitness program.

Helping to support the Cheers for Children charities is an opportunity for us to come together as friends and help make a difference in the community.

If you’d like to learn more or make a donation, please contact Sara O’Malley at 617-854-7631.

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